Company visit - “Möbelwerke Stralsund“ (Germany)

Written by Robert Köstert

On the 23rd  of February 2017 our class the FGW61 was devided in two different groups. The one group visited the buisiness “Webservice am Sund“, the other group visited the so called “Möbelwerke Stralsund“, a local company near Stralsund. Together with Mrs. Westphal we visited the “Möbelwerke Stralsund“.

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As small and medium-sized enterprises employed in 2014 almost 90 million people which is 67% of total employment, we planned a project that helps to prepare students for their working life as efficiently as possible and provides the possibility of self-employment.

During the next two years the main focus of the project lies on starting and running a small businesses, related to food and crafts. Ninety students of the same age range (13-16 years) are involved in this part of the project.

The same number of students create local products (objects of metal or plastic, Kashubian pottery and embroidery, trinkets, masks, encrusted eggs, cooking book in different languages). 

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