Team Germany

We are in the 11th grade of the Fachgymnasium of “Regionales Berufliches Bildungszentrum des Landkreises Vorpommern-Rügen”.

Because we decided to take economic based classes, we are the ,,business section’’. Our class leads to the A level which is higher education qualification.

We are 30 students in our class, 13 girls and 17 boys. Most of us are between 16 and 18 years old. All of us live around Stralsund. Although we know each other only since September we are connected to each other really well.

Students in the picture are:

in the front: Annabell Witte and Alexander Gernetzki

from left to right: Vanessa Salimovic, Niklas Felkel, Tom Peuser, Moritz Zielske, Pascal Schwarz, Marcel Schönau, Yury German, Jost Springmann, Mareike Hansen, Paul Luckow, Johanna Eichhorst, Hanna Küster, Fiete Löper, Dominik Thoms, Henriette Bennemann, Arne Detlefsen, Anne Gerstenberg, Anne-Marie Böttner, Felix Wanke, Nicole Steinweller, Henrikje Kahn; Moritz Riffel; Angelina Schütt, Arne Rosenheinrich, Isabell Schröder and Ben Huber


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