Samorządowy Zespół Szkół w Kostkowie

Samorządowe Gimnazjum. Im. Ks. Stanisława Galasa 

ul. Księdza Galasa 1 

84-252 Zamostne 


Our school was opened on 1st September 1999. At the beginning there was only a lower secondary school. It was named after Stanisław Galas, a local parish priest on 12th June 2001. A secondary school was established in 2003 and closed after three years. Since 2007 there is a school complex: a kindergarten - incorporated in 2008, a primary school and a lower secondary school.  This year it is attended by 479 students. The school is equipped with two computer labs, library with access to computers connected to the Internet, one large and two small gyms, a kitchen and a canteen. Outside the building there is a sports field called "Orlik" (opened 1st June 2009) and a playground for the kindergarten. There are sports classes in which students achieved many successes such as the 1st place in the provincial final of the Orlik Football Tournament for the Prime Minister Donald Tusk Cup (2011/12), 2nd place in the Pomeranian Indoor Football Championship (2017/18) and 5th place in the Lower Secondary School Girls’ Floorball Tournament (2016/17). The students of our school also got the 4th and 5th places in the International Final of Programming Contest in the visual language Baltie (2016/17).  In 2013 students were the laureates of the Competition for the Best Economical School Magazine and in 2015 they won the award in the Competition for the Best Students’ Cooperative in the project called On Your Own Account. Our school participated in two international projects within Comenius programme Natürlich Europa (2008-2010) and Sleeping European Beauties – let’s cherish ancient traditional crafts (2012-2014).




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