Colegiul Agricol si de Industrie Alimentara "Vasile Adamachi”

Aleea Mihail Sadoveanu no.41

700490 Iasi

 “Vasile Adamachi” Agricultural High-school is situated in the north-east region of the city of Iasi (the capital of the Iasi county), on one of the most beautiful hills, Copou.

  • In its first years of existence, the school has functioned as an Apprentice School, later on changing into the Technical Agricultural School and later into the Vocational Agricultural School for Apprentices.
  • Since 1964, it has been called the Agricultural High school, but in 1990, it was given a new function and a new name - “Vasile Adamachi” Agricultural High school

The existing teaching forms in our school are: 

  1. High-school  - with the following specializations: Ecological agriculture, Food industry, Economics– financial and commercial activities, Commerce, Environmental  protection, Banqueting and event planner
  2. Vocational school - with the following specializations: bakery and pastry, mechanics, agriculture

In terms of general objectives, our school set the following guidelines:

  • Basic formation as a qualified worker in agriculture and in other related fields
  • Enrichment of basic notions of general culture
  • Assurance of continual formation
  • Encouragement of personal development

The “Vasile Adamachi” Agricultural High-school conducts its activity with material  resources such as:

  • 22 classrooms
  • Laboratories: Viticulture, Floriculture, Soil study, Mechanics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Food Industry, Pastry,  ICT, Foreign Languages – using PROLANG Software 
  • School cafeteria, School dorm, didactical farm and orchard, vegetable garden, dendrological park, vineyard

Our school was involved in a few European projects the past few years. We are proud to tell you about:

  • DALPSE (Development of Alternative Learning Paths for Secundary Education) 2006-2009 
    • partners: Portugal, Sweden
    • decreasing the school abandonment
    • exchange of educational strategies in order to improve the students knowledge
    • professional development of the teachers involved in the project
    • encouraging European partnerships 
  • FOOD AND HEALTH (Comenius project) 2008-2010
    •  partners: Italy, Turkey, Portugal
    • searching and adopting the most healthy diet
    • knowledge of the most important substances for our health
    • preventing illnesses
    • encouraging students to use foreign languages and to communicate with European students
  • GREEN BUILDING ( Comenius Project) 2012-2014
    •  partners: Turkey, Italy, Austria, Sweden
    • studying different ways of building in Europe
    • analyzing building status from all partner countries
    • study of passive houses
    • buildings and natural hazards (fludings, earthquakes)
  • EUROSCOLA  2011
    •  our school was the first Romanian school ever winning the Euroscola Trophee
    • informing students about the European integration process 
    • promoting the youth’s participation in the construction of the European Union
    • simulating the European deputes’ activity
    • highs-school students from 27 countries get together in the famous Hemicycle of the European Parliament from Strasbourg, France
    • they have the opportunity to learn about the European way of life
    • they share experiences, thoughts, opinions about Europe in order to debate and make decisions regarding high-priority topics for the future of Europe;


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