„School Companies“ Final transnational meeting in Vienna, Austria

From the 24th of April until the 26th of April 2018 the final transnational teachers' meeting of the Erasmus+ Project „School Companies“  took place in Vienna, Austria. 

During the meeting the participants focused on writing the final report, the presentation of the e-book and ways of dissemination of the project results. 

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 Company visit - “Möbelwerke Stralsund“

On the 23rd  of February 2017 our class the FGW61 was devided in two different groups. The one group visited the buisiness “Webservice am Sund“, the other group visited the so called “Möbelwerke Stralsund“, a local company near Stralsund. Together with Mrs. Westphal we visited the “Möbelwerke Stralsund“.

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Project KA2- ‘‘School Companies“ 3rd short-term student exchange in Stralsund, Germany

Within the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Germany the 3rd short-term student exchange (learning/teaching/training activities) took place from 13. November 2017 to 17. November 2017. Host of the meeting was the in business specialized secondary school (Fachgymnasium) Stralsund of Regionales Berufliches Bildungszentrum des Landkreises Vorpommern-Rügen (RBB). Students and teachers from RBB received 19 students and 7 teachers from Austria, Poland and Romania.

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Teambuilding on the last school day.

As a part of our 11th  grade, our teachers Mrs. Westphal and Mrs. Schmidt decided it would be a good idea to conclude our school year with a day of team building exercises so we grow closer together as a class. So we started at 8 am on 14th of July 2017 in Altefähr, where we would meet up at the ‘Waldseilpark’ to do said exercises. First, we got introduced to the two instructors which guided us in our exercises, but not before seperating us in two groups so we were more managable in our numbers.

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Ostseezeitung-publishing company

On the 30th of May 2017 our class went to Rostock with Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Westphal. We visited the publishing company „Ostseezeitung“. We received a guided tour by a staff member through the publishing house. We were led through the production halls and the editorial department and the storage room and visited the museum of the OZ.

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Social Contract

In March 2017 we learned together with Mr. Leistikow and Mrs. Schmidt the characteristics of the contract and have gathered general information. We had a start-up breakfast on the 27th of March 2017. It took place in the school.

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Tax office

On the 17th of March 2017, we had a field trip to the tax office in Stralsund. Together with our teachers Mrs. Westphal and Mrs. Schmidt we went there with the whole class. We got introduced to a former student from the RBB Stralsund, René Karstädt. He told us that he started working at the tax office after he finished school. 

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Workshop „product development“

On 6th March 2017 we did a workshop with our teacher Mrs. Schmidt about product development in school. There were a total of 5 groups. In the groups we collected ideas for our product, the cooking book.

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