Students and teachers from Austria, Germany and Romania visited school in Kostkowo from 19th to 23rd February 2018 within ERASMUS + project "School companies".



 On Monday, we greeted our guests, and later we took part in ice breaking games to get to know each other better. Then we showed the school building  to our partners. On that day we also went to the Żarnowiec Hydroelectric Power Plant

 On Tuesday we visited the most interesting places in Gdynia and then we went to the Experyment Science Center where we made a lot of experience and had fun. We spent the rest of the day in the Riviera shopping center.



   On Wednesday after arriving to school we took part in decoupage workshops. Everyone had a chance to decorate cups, wooden boxes or photo frames. After painting our work had to dry out, therefore, in order not to waste time, we went to the beach in Białogóra. After returning  the "works" created by us were ready.



 On Thursday, we went to the Museum of Historical and Forgotten Items in Bychowo - its founder Mr. Jacek Bagnecki showed us around him. Then we took part in the soap workshops, which was conducted by Mrs Anna Münch. We learnt the history of soap and the techniques of making it. Then we started creating our own bars of soap (we could choose their form, color and fragrance). 




We spent the second part of the day in the stud Hajduki in Chynowie. Małgorzata Rudzińska introduced us to the history of this place. Everyone also had the opportunity to try horse riding.


 On Friday we said goodbye to our guests from Austria and Germany. Then, together with students from Romania, we went to pizza and bowling to the hotel Olimp in Wejherowo. In the evening we organized our last meeting.  It was very difficult to say goodbye because students from partner schools became very close to us that week. They were also members of our families.

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