Kick-off-event- Germany

Written by Annabell Witte, Moritz Riffel, Vanessa Salimovice

In September 2016 the Kick-off-event took place at the “Regionales Berufliches Bildungszentrum des Landkreises Vorpommern-Rügen”.

The event was directed by our two of teachers, Mrs. Westphal and Mrs. Schmidt.

At first we got some general information about a Erasmus+ project which is called “School Companies” and is financed by the EU.

Together with students from Romania, Poland and Austria we will work on the project. Each country has to found a student’s company and produce things that can be sold after the end of the project. 

Then they told us our first task which was the writing of an E-book about the project.

Of course we got more detailed information, for example about the content of the E-book.

Because there are three more countries participating in this event, we also talked about the upcoming visitations of those countries. 

The final goal is writing a cookbook of our own choice in small groups. During the project several workshops are planned to prepare for writing a book and founding a company. And the E-book is supposed to function as a preparation for this as well. 


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