Logo Competition (Germany)

Written by Ben Hubert, Arne Detlefsen, Henrikje Kahn, Niklas Felkel

In November 2016, the founding of the student company started with a logo contest. We were told about the requirements of a logo and firm name by our teacher Mrs. Schmidt. Each student in the class FGW 61 had to create and then submit a logo design.

Either the logo was painted; written in big lettering or a combination of the two. The most important criterion for the company logo was in particular the high recognition value of the logo. By vote of older students, the best designs were determined. After the vote of the seniors, we voted our favorite one out of the determined designs. The logo of the students company was finally set and the winner of the competition was Marcel Schönau. After we chose the best logo we finally can found our school company and Marcel`s design will be the logo.


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