Company visit at “Werbeservice am Sund“

Written by Anne Gerstenberg, Moritz Riffel, Yury German

On the 23rd  of Feburary 2017 we visited the company “Werbesrvice am Sund“ together with our teacher in business subjects Mrs. Schmidt. This is owned by Melanie Höhle on private property. She told us that she became self-employed in 2009. It was a big step for her from a hired employee to become found her own business.

The Company is Stralsund in her own home, so she can still take care of her two sons. Firstly she introduced us to her small workplace. 

We got an insight into her product variety, how she finds clients, does accounting, deals with taxes and other important things for a company. It was very impressive what she can do alone in her small rooms. She makes advertising flyers for cars, A-Levels newspaper, printing clothes and dishes. At the end she showed us how to print an apron. At her computer the searched for the right logo. And printed it with the plotter on an adhesive foil. Then she decalcified the logo and put it on the apron at the right place. Now she just put it in the press and she was done. At the final end she answered all our questions with much patience. 


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