Tax office

Written by Arne Rosenheinrich, Nicole Steinweller

On the 17th of March 2017, we had a field trip to the tax office in Stralsund. Together with our teachers Mrs. Westphal and Mrs. Schmidt we went there with the whole class. We got introduced to a former student from the RBB Stralsund, René Karstädt. He told us that he started working at the tax office after he finished school. 

He also told us about the different taxes that we have to pay on a daily basis, which is pretty interesting, because you basically have to pay taxes for anything. We also heard quite a bit about taxes with the focus of a business start-up.In the conference room he started a PowerPoint presentation and told us about what they do at the tax office everyday and what kind of degree you need to start working at the tax office. 

The field trip was very interesting, because we learned a lot about the daily work of a financial advisor and about all the different taxes we have to pay on a daily basis. He also told us that you can start an internship at the tax office, so you can see if you’re fit for the job and if you would like it there. All in all, it was a very informative field trip, which may have inspired some students to become a financial advisor.


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