Teambuilding on the last school day.

Written by Paul Luckow, Tom Peuser, Johanna Eichhorst, Moritz Zielske

As a part of our 11th  grade, our teachers Mrs. Westphal and Mrs. Schmidt decided it would be a good idea to conclude our school year with a day of team building exercises so we grow closer together as a class. So we started at 8 am on 14th of July 2017 in Altefähr, where we would meet up at the ‘Waldseilpark’ to do said exercises. First, we got introduced to the two instructors which guided us in our exercises, but not before seperating us in two groups so we were more managable in our numbers.

Our first exercise was executed in our whole class, though. We were given a hula-hoop-sized rope everyone was ordered to go through as quick as possible with no tactic or rules given except that everyone needed to pass through it once. We executed that task farely well, as told by the instructors. We then split into the two groups and did two tasks in them, one group did one task while the other one did another and we switched between those tasks once. One task was that we had to build a bridge with wooden boards between certain tree stumps and a rope which could be put through the ends of the boards. The tricky thing was that every stump was a different distance from another and the boards were different lengths as well, so you had to go by trial and error. Another twist was that if someone fell off of a stump or board, he had to wear a blindfold for the rest of the task. The other task was that there was a 5 by 5 squared mat on the floor and you needed to find a way from one side to the other with only specific squares being the right ones. Only one person could go at a time and had to describe the way they went to the others, as the others could‘nt see the way the one person was going. Again, trial and error. After those tasks were concluded we gave a brief feedback to the instructors and our teachers, which was mostly positive. Carrying on, we then went to the beach of Altefähr, where we got given our certificates and rented a grill and celebrated for the rest of the afternoon on the beach with a barbeque.



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