„School Companies“ Final transnational meeting in Vienna, Austria

Written by Rudolf Allesch

From the 24th of April until the 26th of April 2018 the final transnational teachers' meeting of the Erasmus+ Project „School Companies“  took place in Vienna, Austria. 

During the meeting the participants focused on writing the final report, the presentation of the e-book and ways of dissemination of the project results. 

Vienna was chosen as meeting place, because it is located in the centre of Europe and therefore easy to reach for all participants. During the meeting the teachers had the opportunity to get to know more about the history of Vienna and the Austrian educational system.

On the first day the teachers from Poland, Rumania, Germany and Austria had an exciting journey through time – they visited the interactive museum „Time Travel“,  where 2000 years of Viennese history came to life on a historical location. Afterwards the project group met in the „Cafe Central“ and experienced the Austrian “Kaffeehauskultur”.A concert in one of Vienna’s most beautiful palaces provided an unforgettable evening. The „Vienna Residence Orchestra“  together with famous opera singers and ballet dancers in historical costumes enchanted the project partners with beautiful melodies by Mozart and Johann Strauss. 

On the second day the participants started with a project workshop in the premises of the University of Economics.

The highlight of this day was a special meeting with Univ.Prof. Dr. Dr. H. Engl, the president of the University of Vienna. He informed the group about the history of the University, which is one of the oldest and largest Universities in Europe.

The University of Vienna was founded on 12th March 1365 by Duke Rudolf IV.  Currently there are about 95,000 students from over 140 countries enrolled in 180 degree programmes. After the meeting with the president the group took part in a very interesting guided tour through the University. 

On Thursday the teachers did a lot of sightseeing and visited the houses of Parliament, the City Hall, the Opera, Sisi museum in the Hofburg, the Vienna Prater with the museum of Madame Tussauds and the famous Vienna Central Cementery, where e.g. Beethoven, Brahms, F. Schubert, J. Straus, Falco, are buried.

During the three days, the teachers got a very good impression of Vienna, the good educational system and the culture. All of the participants agreed that the international project “School Companies” can be successfully concluded. 

The project presented 90 students of four countries with the opportunity to learn a lot about each other, the different cultures and languages and last but not least to train entrepreneurship skills. 








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