Meeting in Austria

Written by Andi Schober

Young entrepreneurs from four European countries met at the College of Engineering (HTL) in Wolfsberg.  

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The third workshop in Poland 

Written by Kamila Koeppen, Karolina Thiel

The third workshop of the Erasmus+ project ''School Companies'' took place on Saturday 17.12.2016 under the guidance of  Mrs. Joanna Kowalewska, Mrs. Arleta Rohde and Mrs. Aleksandra Potrykus-Boyke. The whole group sat at the table.

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Meeting local entrepreneurs

Written by Patryk Kurpet, Kamil Karczewski

On the  06th of December 2016 we went on the first trip of Erasmus+ project to the Riela factory in Kartoszyno and Czymanowo. Directors - Mr. Marek Pawlikowski and Mr. Piotr Plichta showed us around  production halls. We learnt about  the process of making siloses, produced by Riela.

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Workshop in Austria

Written by Maximilian Gutschi

On the 16th and the 23rd of November 2016 two workshops about product development were taking place at the College of Engineering in Wolfsberg, Austria. Seven students as well as one teacher and the headmaster participated in each workshop.

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