Social Contract

Written by Anne Gerstenberg, Fiete Löper

In March 2017 we learned together with Mr. Leistikow and Mrs. Schmidt the characteristics of the contract and have gathered general information. We had a start-up breakfast on the 27th of March 2017. It took place in the school.

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Tax office

Written by Arne Rosenheinrich, Nicole Steinweller

On the 17th of March 2017, we had a field trip to the tax office in Stralsund. Together with our teachers Mrs. Westphal and Mrs. Schmidt we went there with the whole class. We got introduced to a former student from the RBB Stralsund, René Karstädt. He told us that he started working at the tax office after he finished school. 

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Company visit at “Werbeservice am Sund“

Written by Anne Gerstenberg, Moritz Riffel, Yury German

On the 23rd  of Feburary 2017 we visited the company “Werbesrvice am Sund“ together with our teacher in business subjects Mrs. Schmidt. This is owned by Melanie Höhle on private property. She told us that she became self-employed in 2009. It was a big step for her from a hired employee to become found her own business.

The Company is Stralsund in her own home, so she can still take care of her two sons. Firstly she introduced us to her small workplace. 

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Workshop „product development“

Written by Isabell Schröder, Nicole Steinweller

On 6th March 2017 we did a workshop with our teacher Mrs. Schmidt about product development in school. There were a total of 5 groups. In the groups we collected ideas for our product, the cooking book.

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 Logo Competition (Germany)

Written by Ben Hubert, Arne Detlefsen, Henrikje Kahn, Niklas Felkel

In November 2016, the founding of the student company started with a logo contest. We were told about the requirements of a logo and firm name by our teacher Mrs. Schmidt. Each student in the class FGW 61 had to create and then submit a logo design.

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